Monique Mackenzie (Principal Investigator)

Monique is a senior lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St Andrews, combining the role of Director of Teaching in the School with research that is primarily concerned with the development of methods for data collected over space and time. In particular, Monique has developed methods that permit the identification of spatially explicit change and adequately capture nonlinearities on a variety of spatial scales, while accounting for the temporal elements of the data. Recent work finds application in the marine renewables sector and is concerned with environmental impact assessment. Monique was principal investigator on a project to develop an analysis package containing some of the spatially explicit modelling methods developed with impact assessment in mind; the Marine Renewables Strategic Environmental Assessment (MRSea) package.

Lindesay Scott-Hayward

Since completing her PhD in the use of spatially adaptive smoothing (SALSA method) and geodesic distances (CReSS method) for modelling species distributions, Lindesay has worked in the Centre for Research into Environmental and Ecological Research (CREEM), University of St Andrews; this is an interdisciplinary research centre linking statistics and biology and ecology. Lindesay is particularly interested in developing methods for environmental impact assessment and site characterisation and was a developer of the MRSea package.

Charles Paxton

Charles is a research fellow in CREEM. His research interests are in aquatic animal behaviour, ecology, distribution and abundance; fisheries; history of science and the theory of knowledge and understanding, particularly with regard to infrequent natural phenomena. Charles combines his research interests with undergraduate teaching.

Louise Burt (Project Manager)

Louise has worked as a research fellow in CREEM since its inception in 2005 and has gained a large amount of experience analysing survey data. A large component of Louise’s work is in analysing line transect surveys, both boat-based and aerial.

Wider project group

The project benefits from input from Dr Gordon Hastie and Dr Debbie Russell, both research fellows in the Sea Mammal Research Unit, University of St Andrews, and Dr Andy Webb, HiDef Aerial Surveying Ltd.

Project steering group

The project is supported by representatives from the following organisations: Marine Scotland (Marine Planning and Policy Division), Marine Scotland Science, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, MacArthur Green Ltd, Natural England, Natural Power Ltd, Royal HaskoningDHV, RSPB, Scottish Natural Heritage.